Who are we ?

Our ALBIS office is a hard working company with its base in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The office staff are teams of talented designers in lines such as architectural, constructional and sanitary who work under the management of experienced engineers. Our dynamic development has its source in the employment of young engineers educated in Polish universities.

Our engineers are experienced in projecting and designing all categories of buildings. We have accomplished ambitious and interesting projects.

We are experienced in the full range of projecting, construction statistics
and reliability calculations.We make static and strength analysis of
construction, selection of optimum load-bearing structure (eg. columns,
beams, slabs, frames…), selection of materials. We make estimations,
inventories, expertises (expert opinions).

We do not avoid hard and complicated cases. We are adept at utilising
our materials economically. We are well versed
in building standards and regulations.

Our experience guarantees the highest quality of service.

How do we work?

From the very beginning – the sketch phase, administrative design, the supervision of construction progress, until the project’s realisation – we work with you, tailoring
to your expectations.
Thanks to our talented and hard working staff our projects consistently
out-bid our competitors in project auctions. We co-operate with
representatives from a diverse collection of scientific and professional
institutes, as well as universities, in attaining the completion of our contracts.

Our office is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated
computers and profits from the assistance of superior programmes
both in graphic and calculative fields. Our high ethical standards
and reputation give you the assurance that we co-operate
with software engineer producers in the exclusive employment
of licensed programmes.

You are welcome to investigate what we offer!